Department of History

Located at Madayi Para which remains a site of historical importance, the PG Department of History, CAS College Madayi has distinguished itself as a frontline History Department in Kannur University. The Department was established in 1991 with BA history and general economics, sociology as subsidiaries. MA History started in the year 1995 to provide facilities for study and research in the social, economic and cultural history of kerala and india .

The Department conducts national seminars and invites distinguished scholars for giving lectures throughout the academic year with a view to disseminate advanced knowledge in chosen fields of history. To note specifically, the department hosted the 30th session of south Indian congress in 2010. The department also maintains a heritage museum with a number of monuments to create awareness and experience of the past among the students. Field trips to nearby places of importance are undertaken every year. The students of the Department are getting placements as teachers in the history departments of the colleges and schools in different parts of the country and abroad. Similarly, many of the students were employed in various institutions of central and state governments.