Department of Arabic

Dr. Mahamood. V.N, Associate Professor and HOD

Dr. Mahamood V.N is, Ass.Prof. and HOD of the Depatment of the Arabic .at present he is the course co-ordinator in Arabic and board of studies chairman in kannur university.he was awarded Phd on ‘social and political elements in the novels and short stories of thoufeequ-al- hakeem in 2006. He is one of the recognized research guides in Arabic, Kannur university. He has published books in Arabic entitled ‘sanabil adabiyya. He has also submitted a minor research project on ‘importance of environment protection in light of divine scriptures’ with UGC assistance. Three Phd degrees were awarded under his guideship.

1. Dr.Mahamood.V.N- Associate Professor- 9895209284-