1. National Cadet Corps (NCC): All able bodied and interested students may enrol themselves in NCC. The objects of the NCC training is the improvement of the civic sense and cultivating a sense of discipline and responsibility, development of personality and aptitude for leadership and inculcation of the prin ciples and practice of military service. Smt. Deepa Mohan, Department of Sociology, is the NCC officer of the college

2. National Service Scheme (NSS): The primary objective of N.S.S. is education through community service. Community activities such as construction of village roads, sanitary works, imparting education on health, communicable diseases, agriculture, pest and plant diseases etc. are taken up by the N.S.S. volunteers. The National Adult Education Programme (NAEP) is also taken up by the N.S.S. There are two N.S.S. units in the college. Membership is open to all men women students.

3. Placement Cell: A placement Cell is functioning in the college. The Cell has arranged many recruitment camps. Smt.Rajasree.K,Department of Commerce is the co-ordinator of the Placement Cell.

4. Entrepreneurship Development Club: ED Club has been functioning in the college to inculcate the culture of entrepreneurship among the students. It has registered under the societies Regulations Act. XX of 1860, with the registration no. 1111 / 2003. Smt.Rajtha.N.K,Department of Commerce, is the co- ordiantor of the Entrepreneurship Development Club.

5. Tourism Club College: Tourism Club is affiliated to the Kannur District Tourism Promotion Council. The prime objective of the club is to promote awareness of tourism and also to bring to the knowledge of the students to the wide career opportunities that can be availed by them in future in this sector. Smt. Prajitha V V, Department of Economics is the Coordinator of the Tourism Club.

6. Fine Arts Association: Fine Arts Association under the direction of the fine arts advisor will supervise and coordinate all the fine arts activities of the students at the college, University and State level competitions.

7. The Spots and Games Association: This association under the leadership of the General Captain for sports and games is formed along with the college union. The various activities of the association are monitored by the Department of Physical Education. The committee is responsible for the sports and games activities of the college.

8. Eco- Friendly Club: An Eco-Friendly Club is functioning in the college with the objectives of creating environmental awareness among the students and locals. The club has been set up to increase consciousness and knowledge about the environment and the major environmental problems facing the community. The club publishes a magazine called "jaiva mudra".

9. Folklore Club: The Folklore Club is formed to promote folklore that were carried from lips and also to lips from generation to generation. The main objective of the club is to po0ularize indigenous arts among students and to develop their behavioural attitude towards making. Smt. Dr.Sujatha.P, Department of Malayalam, is the coordinator of the club.

10. Media Club: The club stood for quality communication which improves a community's capacity to get involved, engaged and takes ownership of community problem. Our media club has visions for a media world which is rooted and nurtured in values.

11. History Forum: The History Forums constituted under the auspices of the P. G Department of History of the college. The forum aims at the cultivation of the sense of history among the students of the college. It also upholds and propagated the sense of historical thinking. In order to fulfil its objectives the forum has been conducting various programmes such as seminars, debates, workshops and week-end seminars. Sri. Johny.M.V, Head of the Department of History, is the Coordinator of the History Forum.

12. English Club: The English Club has been formed in the college with the objective of developing that taste for English language and literature. Seminars, Workshops, Critical Appreciations, Book Reviews are conducted often to give the club members plenty of experience for developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.Smt. Latha E. S, Department of English, is the coordinator of the club.

13. Mathematics Club: A Mathematics Club is functioning in the college with the objective of developing mathematical aptitude among the students. The club also aims at inspiring the students to achieve higher marks in the University examinations. Smt. Sruthi Chundakkaran, Department of Mathematics, is the coordinator of the club.

14. Commerce Club: A commerce club was formed to improve the academic culture of the commerce students by conducting seminars, debates, quiz competitions and study tours. The club has conducted field visits also.Smt. Rajitha N K, Department t of Commerce, is the coordinator of the club.

15. Malayalam Sahithya Vedi: Malayalam Sahithya Vedi aims at cultivating literary interest among the students. Its monthly sessions are held in the college campus. It also conducts book reviews, literary discussions and critical appreciation. Smt. Sujatha, Department of Malayalam, is the coordinator of the Malayalam Sahithya Vedi.